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Strong drink, That Restores Vision And Gives Back Natural Color To Gray Hair

Above all, if you ask for the opinion of someone who has used this natural cure, he will gladly tell you that this potion certainly improves eyesight. Also, if you are using this medicine, you will notice and improvement of how your skin looks and the incredible effect of this product is, that will color gray hair and make it to have a larger volume. Necessary ingredients: 200 gr. ( 7.05 oz.) Oil from …

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Flu and colds will avoid quickly from this cheap and simple means

Steam inhalation is a tested method that will help you to clean the lungs and sinuses of accumulated secretions. Also, thanks to the anti-viral properties of garlic, this simple domestic procedure will act as a powerful cure flu. Wash well and slice 5-6 medium potatoes. Put them to boil in water and then add to them a few cloves of garlic. Cover your head with a towel and for 5-10 minutes with nose …

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114 year old man reveals five things that he eats every day and thanks to them has a good memory and health

The Brazilian native Bernardo la Palla enjoys good health and memory Nobody would believe that Bernardo la Palla was born on August 17, 1901, but so far has been in good physical condition and is among wits. From an early age Bernardo decided he wanted to live long and happily. Therefore,he is stocked with willpower, which many would envy. Doctors studied the centenarian, they say he is in a much better condition than …

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You’re Probably Eating Bleached Garlic From China. Here’s How to Spot It

Nowadays, everything is from China… It has become a habit for some food producing companies to say that the products are local, but indeed they are from China. The problem is the low quality and the long time ago forbidden chemicals they are loaded with. Parathion and Phorate are the two highly toxic pesticides that Chinese farmers use to grow their vegetables easier. I bet that this infamous garlic you are reading about …

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Make your own: Garlic oil for incredible medication!

Peel the garlic cloves and make an incredibly effective natural remedy. Place in a glass jar and add pure unrefined sunflower oil, then place in refrigerator. The next day, drain one tablespoon of lemon juice and add oil of garlic, then stir. Drink three times a day half an hour before meals. The treatment lasts 1-3 months and after a month-long pause can be repeated. Removes the plaques from blood vessels, chronic heart …

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