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Natural solution against arthritis and joint pain

People often their health take “for granted”, including freedom of movement, until they become limited. However, people who suffer from arthritis, rheumatism, osteoporosis and similar problems, know how to appreciate moments of freedom and the absence of pain. There are natural recipes that can alleviate these concerns and without chemicals harmful effects 1. TURMERIC AND GINGER  Turmeric and ginger have strong anti-inflammatory properties and greatly assist in rheumatic and osteoarthritis arthritis. It is …

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NATURAL CURE against bloated stomach

If you often suffer from bloated stomach and burping we suggest natural juice which can be a solution to this problem. You will need: – Half of smaller pineapple – Half a head or two stalks of fennel – 2 stalks celery with leaves – A piece of ginger root 2-3 cm All the ingredients mix in a blender. Add a little water if necessary to make it fluently. Drink on an empty …

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How to cure from the boring candida?

This home recipe positively affect of the entire body, but especially used as a remedy against fungi. Fungus “Candida Albicans” is usually resident in our organism and mainly located in the mouth, intestine, skin, genitals … The proliferation of fungi influenced by many factors and should act promptly because uncontrolled growth can seriously endanger your health. Against Candida, besides classical therapy, you have to fight and with changing diet. Avoid foods high in …

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Drink This Juice In The Morning And Never In Your Life Will Not Smell On Sweat, Or Have A Bad Breath!

Since every day we consume processed foods and not much time and money to devote ourselves to a healthy lifestyle, often consequences to feel in the breath. If you want already never in your life do not smelling of sweat, nor to worry if you have bad breath before an important meeting, try to consume this morning mix Necessary ingredients: 2 apples 5 leaves fresh cabbage 1 bunch of parsley Juice of 1 …

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How to make the most effective natural antibiotic against infections and say “Goodbye” to medications!

This recipe over time became an integral part of traditional medicine with great natural antibiotic that kills the bacteria. The recipe has spread in the period when ruled a number of infections and epidemics, so that the treatment of a cold or flu is guaranteed. This liquid antibiotic effectively cleanses the body of toxins, kills harmful bacteria, fights fungal infections and viruses and stimulates blood circulation in the body, and this plant also successfully …

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