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She Coated Her Hair With Potato Water And Solved One Of The Biggest Problems Women Face

Potato hair dye! You should try! Well people, believe it or not there is a potato hair dye. Nothing more natural and fast, not to mention Cheap! Even though we frequently go to the hair dresser’s, spend money and waste our time, our hair still gets greyer .No one likes it, that’s for sure. This is what we are talking about all the time. Luckily there is a remedy for everything, even for …

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Whole life you wash your hair in wrong way. Have you heard of reverse washing and why it is so useful?

We assume that as each woman, and you have already established a routine of washing your hair. First you apply shampoo once or twice and finally rinse. Have you heard of the reverse washing your hair? This method suggests first applying a mask or conditioner, then shampoo. Why is this necessary? First, the order of application of the product is ideal for women with thinning hair, for one reason – so you will be …

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Each morning she rolled hair in a cotton T-shirt. This is why she doing

If you want to have beautiful curls throughout the day and you not want draining your hair, then this trick is the perfect solution for you. To get perfect hairstyle, you need only one simple T-shirt with short sleeves. To be successful this trick,best time is after washing your hair, but if you not have so much time,then only enough to moisten. After moisten or washing your hair, grab a T-shirt and slowly …

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When you see why she put her hair in foil and you will want to try on yourself!

If you’re like me, you hardly have time to spend with a cup of coffee and healthy breakfast in the morning. Fast dress, makeup, straighten your hair and melt away! This little trick gives the easiest (and fastest!) way, that can dry your hair to perfection. All you need is a little standard foil and hair straighteners! Wrap of your hair in foil, then the magic happens! The end result is excellent! With …

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Here from this mask, the hair grows rapidly and gets shine

There are ingredients that are a real blessing for your hair, even if you think that is no chance One of these components is the banana, which contains many vitamins and natural oils, so that in combination with several other ingredients can strengthen hair, give shine and make it softer. Moreover, helps in flowering ends. Home mask shall prepare, in a container blend a banana and mix with egg yolk. Add a little …

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