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If someone close have a heart attack, immediately do the following, to get him back from the death!

Every year thousands of people die from a heart attack. It is the reason for the high mortality rates in the world. The reasons for getting heart attack are many and this is one of the scourges of humanity. In this article you will find out how fast to help someone who has received heart attack. In quick response, can save his life. According to Dr. John Christopher has only one move that …

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If you have these four symptoms, instantly go to the doctor! After 10 days may be too late!

Neither the men or women are spared  from this health problem. However, symptoms for  men and women are quite different. In women, some symptoms sometimes appear even ten days before the date of a heart attack in women. If you have any of these symptoms, visit your doctor immediately to prevent heart attack. Chest pain and discomfort Chest pain is the most common symptom of a heart attack, but some women may experience …

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Just for 60 Seconds Save The Life Of Someone Who Suffered A Heart Attack

We have no reason not to believe to Dr.John Christopher when he claims that a man’s life who just suffered a heart attack can be saved with a single move. Doctor’s advice is that you should have any time a chili powder at home. Glass of water mixed with chili should be given immediately to a person who just had a heart attack. Or you can put under his tongue just a few …

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