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If you do this, you will never get bites from the mosquitoes!

Mosquito bites accompanied by itching and redness, are not only unpleasant, but also quite dangerous. There are some simple and natural ways that can prevent them instead of buying expensive repellents. Drink vitamin B1. Through this vitamin our skin separates specific smell,we do not feel, but it repels mosquitoes. The consumption of garlic has the same effect, but with the difference that the smell is felt and by humans. If this does not …

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Try this remedy and mosquitoes will run away from you! (Only the mosquitoes!)

Soon slowly will come mosquito season. Insects of which many of us get creeps skin at the thought of them. Today we will share with you the recipe for a truly magical remedy against mosquito. When you prepare this remedy, you can work calmly in evening in the garden or walking in the park or courtyard, ignoring the biting insects. The ingredients of this wonderful repellent probably can be found in every home, …

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