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An article that everyone should read! – 5 Lifesaving Signals That Your Body Sends Every Day

Our body, both inside and outside is a incredible machine to support a number of factors such as our daily diet, daily routine and lifestyle. It constantly sends the message, that we can see in what condition is our body. Read carefully five important messages that need you to know, because they can save your life. 1. Urine Going to the toilet at night can reveal a lot more, than signs of inflammation …

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Do not expect to be protected from cancer on routine tests! It is very important to listen to your body for any changes, if you notice something different, strange or inexplicable. Here are some signs that are usually ignored: 1. Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath One from premature signs in patients with lung cancer were apparent inability for breath. 2. Chronic cough and chest pain Several types of cancer, including of leukemia, …

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A dream come true for every woman! Nail in the form of spray. See how easily will be varnished

It seems the problem with varnishing of the right hand will remain in the past, as well as blur layers. In 2016 is expected to go on sale the first nail polish in the form of a spray that would be a dream of every woman. Nails Inc. It is a company that presented and announced this novelty claiming that the spray will allow you manicured for few minutes. How to apply? Spray …

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The character according to shape of the nails

A rectangular nail You simply can not cancel anything new, whether it comes to perfume, cosmetic or otherwise. By nature you are optimistic and enjoy life permanently. You know how to deduce and learn from everything that happens around you. If you set a goal, you’ll probably achieve it. Adverse conditions may only delay the path to it, but not to stop you. Trapezoidal nails You are not accustomed to doubt in your …

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You Have A White Spots On Nails – Here’s What They Indicate

The spots on the nails show abnormalities of the nervous system, which can lead to disease. These spots appear if you have high mental stress. It’s not a big deal in their appearance, they are only warning signs, and it makes a man to take measures for the forthcoming disease. To get rid of these spots should refine the mind to a particular thought. In the period of 2-3 months, can remove stains from your …

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