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She put the red onions around the neck and went to bed. When she woke up, a miracle happened.

It is known that the onion cleanses the skin, kills bacteria. But did you know it’s also great for your thyroid gland. Igor Knyazkin  a doctor from Saint Petersburg, discovered how intensely red onions aid our thyroidal glands, and he regularly adds this remedy to patients prescriptions . According to his recommendation, at night before falling asleep, cut a red onion in half. With a slight circular motion massage the neck near the thyroid gland with …

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Teen Girl Was Feeling Intense Neck Pain. Her Parents Were Horrified After The Doctors Diagnosed Her.

It seems like there is no one left with a good straight body for some years now. And I mean young people, not 30 and up. Anywhere you are, stop and just look around to see if you can find a straight up walking person. To add to the irony, that straight up walking person could be believe it or not someone from the old generations. All the young boys and girls are …

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