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The vitamin B17- KILLER OF CANCER – This people did not get cancer, because they consumed this vitamin:

The vitamin B17 for the first time found in almond seeds, then it is revealed that is contained in most fruits. For years, this substance is considered a vitamin and attributed to vitamins of group B under number 17. Modern research has reported, however, that rather belongs to a vitamin compounds. Of course this fact is not belittling or decreases string of health benefits. The vitamin B17 is also known under the name …

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Cleanse and rejuvenate your skin from the inside

Your skin is what you are. It’s your way of life and what you make of it. Almost everyone has experienced problems with their skin. Be it wrinkles, redness, acne, spots, dry and sensitive to greasy skin with pimples. It is well known that stress is the main trigger of problematic skin in young and old people. In addition, unhealthy habits like alcohol, smoking, bad food, lack of sleep, insufficient hydration, lead to …

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Tea from the seeds of watermelon for kidney stones

Edward Cayce, who died long ago 1945, he dedicated his life to the study of plant substances, for the purpose of treating is a tea from watermelon seeds and is recommended to the people who have had kidney problems. Tea made from the seeds of watermelon is very easy to prepare, because the main ingredients are actually available at your fingertips – all you need is a watermelon seeds and water. This tea is …

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Curing Tonsillitis And Sore Throat In 4 Hours!

One of the things that can really hurt you is throat and tonsillitis. What if we say we have a homemade prescription that can easily treat such issues, even treat them within 4 hours? And this will be achieved by using only natural ingredients. Its a perfect recipe for cold winter days. Explanation of the recipe: Over 80 g.(2.82 oz)  of grounded cumin seeds pour 200ml (0.84 cups)of water. Now you can boil …

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