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I thought it was another lie on the Internet, but they simply disappeared! This thing forever killed black spots and smoothed my skin like a baby!

There are several causes of blackheads – improper skin care, excessive consumption of junk food, but also hormonal changes. Proper care of the skin is not possible without the use of different masks, scrubs and creams. Today we have a surprise for you – the secret of carefully removing the nasty black stains with the help of proven home remedy. How to quickly remove blackheads You’ll need * Toothpaste * a brush for …

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Really works: With 3 ingredients get rid of wrinkles around the eyes

The Japanese believe, that cereal with its secret weapon rejuvenates Rice is rich in vitamin B, which stimulates cell regeneration and slows aging. Everything you need to prepare this mask is: – 2-3 tablespoons rice – 1 tablespoon honey – 1 tablespoon milk Preparation Place 2-3 tablespoons of rice in a little water and cook until the rice softens. Wash steamed rice and place in bowl. Add one tablespoon of honey and a …

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Four Aspirins with Honey and skin becomes like a baby!

Aspirin mask is a long-standing friend of the admirers of domestic cosmetic procedures. It is suitable for all skin types, but the most favorable impact has on greasy skin. Clears the skin, brightens the complexion and gives baby softer look. And these are not just empty words, but proven beauty fact. After three weeks “masking” no more than 1 time a week the result is there – softer, refreshed skin with fresh color and …

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FINALLY GET RID OF BLACKHEADS! – NEVER HAVE UNCLEAN SKIN AGAIN! The recipe is easy! -The whole procedure – step by step in pictures

A lot of people have them on the nose or chin – black spots. Especially those with mixed skin type. The struggle with small black dots on the face is difficult because it is incredibly difficult to get rid of them permanently. They are most common in the area known as the T-zone (forehead, nose, and on the chin), since in these regions, the skin produces a lot of fat. As a result, …

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When you see what these women do, I’m certain that you will hurry to do the same!

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According to many studies, bananas are particularly effective for treating many health problems and not only through the fetus. Instead of drugs in those few cases you can freely use the bark of banana: 1. Teeth whitening You need the inside of the peel  , which you should rub the  teeth with. Repeat the procedure at least once a day for several weeks in a row and you will notice that your teeth will be …

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