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This is poison, which we drink everyday and makes our bones fragile, as sticks!

As a whole many people do not know what the negative consequences of this drink for our health. Worst of all is, that in large quantities is given to children, which can lead to unexpected consequences. This “poison” is a carbonated drink! According to recent research, see what effect it has on our body. 1. First 10 minutes One cup contains within itself 10 teaspoons of sugar, which is 100% possible dose for …

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The Most Effective Homemade Peeling From Sugar And Salt Against Stretch Marks and Cellulite

Find out about the most effective and cheapest possible home made peeling scrub ever! It is a three ingredient mix that has been staying in your kitchen for months. By peeling scrub we mean abrasive material that brushes off the dry skin and with it the dead skin cells. This is best to start with because it makes the skin ready to absorb the following care. Scrubbing makes the blood circulation more active …

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Different types of bodies and overweight. Find out in which group you belong and how to deal with it!

1. This type is commonest in the world. It is caused by bad habits that have to do with the abuse of sugar and food in general.. To solve the problem, simply change the diet, reduced the amount of food you eat each day. Dispose of sugar and include a daily routine of at least 30 minutes of exercise. 2. Obesity caused by stress This type of obesity caused by stress, depression and …

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How to know if your body tolerate alcohol, gluten, milk and sugar? On the face can recognize immediately

The skin is a mirror of our health and the method of how we eat. Unhealthy foods and intolerance of certain products were responsible for the appearance of some skin problems especially on the face. Nigma Talib is a doctor which represent this infographics that reveals the consequences and the form of four types of the face, depending on what you eat and which products are unsuitable for your body.     1. Wine …

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The symptoms of magnesium deficiency

Is it true that magnesium is very important for the human body? How to recognize Magnesium deficiency and its cause Magnesium is the second most important trace element after potassium. There is basically a disease state known as a magnesium deficiency. The reasons for it are numerous. First, however it is poor nutrition. It is not excluded that it is  the main cause of magnesium deficiency. For example pasta and potatoes are poor in …

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