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Is white sugar really that unhealthy?

Many times we have heard that white sugar is bad for our health. But why and how bad it is scientifically confirmed? For now, conventional and alternative medicine agree with the fact that white sugar … – A source of empty calories (does not contain minerals and vitamins, but is rich in calories) – promotes weight gain – causes tooth decay – has a high glycemic index (rapidly raises blood sugar levels) However, alternative medicine …

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Try this – Mix Salt and Sugar every night before bed – The results are amazing

If you want to have a restful sleep, life without headaches and better immunity, start with the consumption of these ingredients. This is probably not the most popular combination, but if you are suffering from insomnia, mixing these ingredients (sugar and salt) can be great for you. Is not recommended to combine the ingredients in large amounts, because it is not good for the health, but if you enter them wisely will notice …

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Say Goodbye To Belly Bloat Forever! Here Are 3 Simple Tips To Help You Flatten Your Stomach Starting Today!

Just follow these three steps, and you’ll say goodbye to the big belly forever Step 1: Reduce salt! Salt retains water in the body. Poor foods such as processed foods, snacks, frozen foods and such “convenience” foods I might say that you only add large amounts of salt, already existing in your body. That is what makes you puffed and bloated. Step Two: Have an extra glass of water Do not save on …

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What Happens One Hour After Drinking A Can Of Coke


At the time when I worked as a pharmacist, I was close to people suffering from obesity, heart illnesses, diabetes and other conditions related to excessive weight. What I was very curious about was why people would still put on weight or not lose weight at all even when they were on low fat diet. It was obvious that it was not only the fat they were consuming or not consuming at all. …

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Speed-Up Your Weight Loss with this Healthy Recipe

We Live in a Mad and Toxic World There is danger threatening our end in every second of our lives nowadays: toxins from everything we eat or drink, toxins in cosmetic products, furniture and even clothes. We witness so many illnesses in all our systems resulting mostly in obesity, diabetes, hormone disorder, bad digestion, slow circulation, allergies, food intolerance and many other conditions. The food is all saturated fat, high in sugar and …

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