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Quit With The Consummation Of Tilapia Right Now Before It’s Too Late!

Tilapia, Tilapia… Times have come to say that eating fish is wrong… All the stories about light food, omega 3, nutrients and so on came to a point of no return. How is it possible one might ask that fish can be bad. Well there is such fish as farm raised fish fed with manmade mixed foods, antibiotics, chemicals and kept in fish tanks. Namely this Tilapia has not swam in wild waters, …

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10 Foods Made In China You Must Avoid! (Filled With Plastic, Pesticides And Cancer Causing Chemicals)

The past few years almost everything is made in China and brought to USA. It is clear though why and who benefits from this. Well it is not the common people that benefit, that is for sure because these imported food products are cheap for those who make business and very expensive for those who buy them. In fact the consumers pay the highest cost and that is with their lives. These products …

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