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Spice that kills and the last microbe in your body

Especially magical, black cumin was used in Ancient Egypt How would you react if we say that there is a seed, so much packed with healing compounds that diseases such as cancer and ulcers,in the same way and different chronic conditions have no chance? Like science fiction? Not at all. Black cumin, have nothing to do with the cumin in general, is a particularly magical plant from Asia. Used as a panacea by …

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Find Out What’s Making Your Stomach Hurt Using This ‘Belly Map’

Belly is a great area, and every pain can be caused by several reasons – from benign to dangerous. For better insight into the possible consequences, identify the exact location of the pain. Abdominal pain is one of the most common complaints, which occasionally affects 90% of people. Sometimes it frightens us because of the intensity, but the severity of pain does not mean that the cause is serious and opposite – light, …

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End of hemorrhoids! – Make this ointment to remove them forever! – Bronchitis, ulcers and …..

This super cream is prepared easily and cheaply, and can save you from hemorrhoids, bronchitis, ulcers and whatnot. The cream is obtained from only one egg (boiled, only the yolk ), 400 ml ( 13 US oz.) vegetable oil (olive oil) and 600 g ( 21.43 ounces) beeswax. In a bowl on hot plate put oil and in it over low heat melt piece of wax . When it boils, add the yolk mash. When …

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Cure Stomach Ulcers in Just 7 Days

In December 1999 in a Russian newspaper are published articles “The Forgotten Hippocrates and treatment plants” from Russian herbalist G I Glubokog, where was written a prescription of a patented agents for the treatment of dysentery, diarrhea, cholera, appendicitis (without surgery), salmonellae. Preparation: The ratio of dry bark of pomegranate and boiling water is 1:20. In a preheated hot cup or glass put 10-12 grams of dried pomegranate rind and pour them with 200 …

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