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Careful how you maintain your personal intimate hygiene

It is essential that you maintain the proper acidity of the organ itself and not use soaps or gels no matter how much they are advertised or beautifully scented . Never use soap in the inner part of the intimate organ! This inner part should be cleaned with cleaning agents that contain Lactobacilus bacteria. This Lactic bacteria is the best by now to protect the vagina from viruses and harmful bacteria and also …

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First symptoms of cervical cancer

Early stages of cervical cancer are asymptomatic, i.e. not appearing any symptoms. This fact once again confirms how important regular checks for early detection and prevention of disease. But if the cancer begins to grow, it may experience the following symptoms: Vaginal bleeding between two menstruations Bleeding and pain during intercourse; Bleeding after menopause; Pain in the lower abdomen; Strong vaginal discharge with a strong odor, which may contain traces of blood; Fully …

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Do you want your vagina to smell like a peach?

CHOOSE YOUR SMELL Yeah Soon, your vagina could be smell by peaches One company plans to produce a product with which they will be able to smell your vagina by peaches. Of course, only if you want it. Cambrian Genomics and Personalized Probiotics, a company specializing in biotechnology, has announced its plans to change the human odors. This means that you, whenever you want, you could change your intimate odors. The founders of …

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