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Run Away As From The Devil From These Six Foods!

After having over than 20 years was engaged with lawsuits related to food poisoning, Bill Marlar has compiled a list of foods, which you should not eat them, An expert on food poisoning currently involved in a the court case against the food chain “Chipotle Mexican Grill” for infection with Escherichia coli and norovirus, has won over 600 million dollars for its clients since 1993, writes CNBC. In an article in Food Poisoning …

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Down Chadwick, a woman from England lost amazing 280 pounds (127 kg) very easy . She mostly ate pumpkin in various combinations with fruit, vegetables , rice, salty or sweet( natural sweet ) of course. She found this diet fit for her because she liked pumpkin indeed. According to the nutritionists  and the doctors, this fruity vegetable provides good  bowel movement, it is easy to digest, low in calories and most important of all …

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The magic cabbage soup that melts fat

The help in loosing weight There is no magic pill for slimming, but we have a magic cabbage soup, which speeds up the metabolism and burns fat without hunger The recipe for this wonderful soup from cabbage appeared a few years ago. People who consumed every week claiming to have lost up to 17 pounds (8 KG). Real charm of this soup lies in its ingredients. After you eat this cabbage soup, you …

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