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11 recipes to reduce of high blood pressure. You will forget for medications and doctors!

There are many types of medications for high blood pressure Pharmacies are full of them …But there are countless folk recipes for this purpose. Especially for our readers we have made a selection of the best of them in high blood: 1. Between meals 2-3 times a day drink half a glass of blackcurrant juice. 2. Before eating three times a day take half a teaspoon the dry crushed fruits of dill 3. …

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Honey and walnuts to treat high blood pressure and stomach ulcers

These are a few recipes for several medical homemade product whose main ingredients are just walnuts and honey. A more-tasty medicine you’ve never tried, believe me. Recipe for anemia In half of kilogram (1.5 cups) of honey, placed half a kilo of ground walnuts and juice of one lemon. Stir and taken three times a day for one tablespoon. Recipe for high blood pressure: To normalize blood pressure by natural processes, take daily …

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Eliminating Your Cough In Only One Day

If coughing persists more than a week it’s perfectly normal to try different procedures in eliminating it, otherwise it gets very annoying. In various respiratory conditions that involve cough and cold best natural treatment to be used are onions. Especially if they are taken raw, they represent excellent treatment to conditions such as: cholesterol level, arthritis, diabetes and above all they make beneficial for the heart. This is due to their sulfur and …

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9 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Risk of Kidney Disease and Detoxify with Natural Drink

There are simple and efficient ways to clean your kidneys with different kind of drinks. The abdominal cavity is the place where the kidneys are located. Every person has 2 kidneys, one is located on the right and other on the left side (this was easy). What the science of medicine teaches us is that kidneys store energy needed for life since the birth time, kind of energy that is very essential for …

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