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Magical vitamin water in just 10 minutes

If you want to protect yourself from stress and take care of your health, this recipe is for you. Vitamin water besides being beneficial to health is also very tasty. This automatically makes drinking water from obligation into a real pleasure, which in the mandatory 8 glasses of water a day will drink without no problem. And here is the recipe for the preparation that you need only 10 minutes. Necessary ingredients: 2 …

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Why you should never order water in a cafe, restaurant or any other eatery?

When you exit for coffee or lunch, you often happens to want a glass of water, but after reading this you will forget about this habit. Water with ice Most people get a glass with ice, whether requested or not, but the “Daily Mail” conducted a study and concluded that the forms of ice have more bacteria than in the tap water. Water with lemon In some restaurants and cafes in the water …

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How To Get Rid Of Pain In The Legs, Back And Joint Pain In Just 7 Days

This recipe is a miracle, if you have back pain, joints and legs. Necessary – 150 g gelatin In the evening – put 150 g ( 2 tablespoon) gelatin in a quarter cup of cold water, good stir and let stand until the morning. The mixture overnight will turn into jelly,and in the morning you can add juice or water with honey and drink it on empty stomach After a week significantly reduced pain

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Salt Lemonade – Natural remedy against headache

Usually when we have a headache immediately reach for the pills. Perhaps at this point to solve the problem, but if it happens often only can create a new problem. Pills such as healing, they are so harmful to the body, because they are composed of various chemicals with strong action. Headaches can be a very uncomfortable and makes it difficult for the normal functioning Instead of immediately make a combination of pills, …

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That’s what happens when you drink water immediately after awakening – is treated high blood – 30 days, stomach problems – 10 days, diabetes …

Scientists informed that it is absolutely beneficial to our health. Drinking water on awakening is associated with the treatment and prophylaxis of certain diseases and conditions such as headache, body aches, arthritis, heart disease, epilepsy, obesity, tuberculosis, meningitis, kidney diseases, vomiting, gastritis, diabetes, constipation, disease of the uterus and diseases of the throat. The process: after awakening, before you do anything else, drink 4 to 6 glasses of potable water. Remember, if for …

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