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The Dentists Remained Amazed By The Results, That Gives This Homemade Recipe For Dental Tartar

Tartar is a common problem and modern dentistry offers many ways to deal with it. But there is a home method that saves resources and nerves (no one likes to enter into a dental office). Strict oral hygiene is extremely important. If no follow carefully for the purity of the enamel of the teeth and promptly remove tartar, it can develop the periodontitis. At periodontitis the infection penetrates through the root canal in …

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A useful trick: Do You Know What Will Happen If You Keep Aluminum Foil on Your Teeth for 1 Hour?

There are numerous pastes for teeth whitening, and some of them contain small quantities of carbamide peroxide, and small abrasive particles that whiten the teeth. However, why would you buy them when you can make your own natural paste for teeth whitening. Procedure: Mix a little baking soda with toothpaste, take aluminum foil, and fold it so that it becomes wide and long as your teeth. The resulting paste apply to the foil …

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With This Recipe Your Teeth Will Be So White, So When You Smile, Others Will Be Blinded!

Take half a cup of boiled and cooled water and then add a tablespoon of salt in it. The mixture was stirred until the salt dissolved. Soak your toothbrush in the salt solution and rinse your teeth as you normally would. Use this recipe every morning and evening, especially after meals. The main disadvantage of this recipe is that it feels uncomfortable at first. Fortunately, the sensitivity lasts briefly and is completely acceptable. …

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It looks nasty, but the results are amazing: Bleaching teeth with activated charcoal!

Although, it looks nasty and dirty, in the world it is the most popular and effective way of whitening teeth. To everybody are fed up of the ads that recommend expensive pastes that ensure pearly white teeth in just 2 days. But in reality everything is a publicity stunt that rarely leads to the desired effect. However, this is very effective and the best means,which is natural. Maybe you have not heard, but …

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